Indoor Air Quality Experts

Our 13 years of experience has taught us a lot about indoor air quality and exactly what works to help improve the indoor air quality for our customers. If you have any questions at all please call us to speak to an air quality specialist who can walk you through what makes the most sense for you.

Here is what we can do for you to improve your indoor air quality and comfort.

Air Duct Cleaning

  • Remove years of buildup in your ducts and equipment

  • Get rid of the smells from the previous home owner

  • Remove a large source of dust and odors in your home

Clean Air Duct
Dirty Air Duct

Media Air Cleaner

  • Dust and vacuum less
  • Remove dust and pathogens from your ductwork
  • Reduce the noise of your furnace
  • Reduce the energy your furnace uses
  • Change your filter less often (change as little as 1x/year)
Media Air Cleaner

Air Duct Mounted Air Purifier

  • Kills pathogens in the air
  • Allows your air filter to work better
  • Doesn’t increase the work for your furnace
Air Duct Mounted Air Purifier

New Furnace, A/C, or Heat Pump

  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Better Air NW 10 year craftsmanship warranty
  • Discounted maintenance plans
  • Peace of mind

Not all furnaces are created or installed equally. We use top-of-the-line equipment and install it to our high standards.

New Furnace

New Thermostat

At the bare minimum we suggest having a thermostat that is accurate and can operate the fan independently. If you have anything other than a basic, single stage furnace you need to make sure your thermostat is capable of all of the modes that your furnace has to offer.

Heat Pump: Some furnaces that have heat pumps never use them. Why pay for equipment that you don’t use?

Multiple Stages: Many furnaces are capable of 2-stage heat, which allow them to provide 100% heat or about 60% heat. If your thermostat isn’t capable of telling your furnace which state to run, you may not be getting the comfort, air quality, and energy savings benefits from a multiple stage furnace.

Accuracy: Many thermostats display a temperature more than 3 degrees off from the actual temperature. Having an accurate thermostat can save your heating and cooling systems from working harder than they need to.

All of the thermostats on the market can turn on and off a furnace, but there are many other controls that you can have over your furnace.

New Thermostat

Remote Temperature Sensor

Many customers complain that their thermostat is located somewhere consistently cold, causing the rest of the home to get boiling hot. An efficient solution is to install remote temperature sensors. These allow your thermostat to control the furnace based on the temperature in multiple locations throughout your home, rather than just the room it’s installed in.

Remote Temperature Sensor

Larger Filter with Improved Efficiency

MERV and HEPA are acronyms that relate to the ability of a filter to capture and remove small particles in the air. The smaller the particulate your filter can catch, the more work for your furnace. In order to increase the filtration on your system, we may need to install a larger filter.

Most standard sized filters range from 16×20 to 20×25. Our largest filter option is 28×31, providing over 2x the area of filtration, allowing your furnace to work less hard to provide you cleaner air!

Larger Filter with Improved Efficiency