Our Safety Guidelines

In order to serve our customers’ needs during these difficult times and to protect them and our workers, we have implemented some safety measures to limit COVID-19 exposure.

These standards are based on Washington state’s Phase One Covid-19 Safety Plan and Phase One Construction Restart Requirements.

Please make sure you are able to meet the job site safety standards listed here prior to confirming an appointment.

Please ensure the following jobsite conditions are met:

  • Social distancing of 6 feet between employees and customers or residents can be maintained.
  • Move personal belongings from work areas prior to your appointment. Minimizing physical contact is necessary for adequate workplace safety.
  • A hand washing station, bathroom or sink with running water is available for workers to use.

To increase jobsite safety, Better Air NW employees will:

  • Arrive healthy
  • Wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times
  • Limit unnecessary physical contact while on site.
  • Clean and sanitize work areas before and after the project as needed.
  • Document all persons arriving to and leaving the jobsite during the project
  • Provide no-contact solutions for invoicing

What Do Our Customers Say?

Recent Testimonials

We use this company for vent cleaning and HVAC maintenance. Couldn't recommend them more!

They are super helpful and responsive. Very respectful of your home, take their time and are thorough.

Suggest getting a quote at min! Their online tools and payment options are easy to use. I also find their prices fair. You can get a discount if you bundle, so why not!

Steve T. | Seattle, WA | 2022

We just moved into our home a year ago and have been meaning to swap our our oil furnace and upgrade our water heater. We called BetterAirNW for a quote and the first time Matt came out, we knew these guys would be the vendor we went with.

Their prices are competitive, but the real silver lining here is their entire team provides white glove service throughout the whole process. You can tell customer service and satisfaction is a top priority. The team always arrived on time and their communication around what is being done and why its being done is amazing.

Andrew D. | Seattle, WA | 2022

I was referred to this great company by "The Duct Cleaners," who had cleaned our air ducts in our new house but were unable to clean our absolutely filthy furnace.

Their guy showed up on the dot of 2pm, with their arrival window being 2pm - 4pm. I am a big fan of such punctuality! He was super nice and did an excellent job cleaning our furnace. The rates were reasonable and he got it done quickly. He used several different tools and items in order to do this job. So appreciative of this company!

Artemis L. | Woodinville, WA | 2022